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Automatic Process

The panel automates process for your convenience. You do not need to perform any panel operations after creating automatic process. Automatic processes are triggered by the posts you share on social media platforms and activate the service you specify. Delivery is available as long as you have a balance in SocialAtom.

Meet the Automations

Subscriptions are those that have been designed to allow our customers to concentrate solely on content creation. You only need to concentrate on creating content. The rest is completely automated in our panel. SocialAtom has two distinct automatic processes. The first is "Subscriptions," and the second is "Drip-feed" which allow you to provide automatic delivery in both processes.


When you enable subscription, as you share your posts, your process will occur automatically when you have a balance on the panel. You don't have to be constantly logged into our panel to boost your post every time you post. After you set up subscription, your order will be sent to each post you share, either in the amount you specify or at random. You can use the scheduling (delay) feature to have automatic processes run after you share a post at a time you specify. This way, your posts will receive more organic engagement.

Drip-feed Orders

After you have set the drip-feed, you can send the quantities you want to your deliveries at specific intervals. For example, you could send 50 likes every 10 minutes and have your process stop once it reaches 1000 likes. Drip-feed orders make your deliveries appear more organic and encourage more organic engagement. Instead of immediate action, you can divide your posts into specific time intervals.